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Respect and Violence

Verbal and / or physical violence will not be tolerated. Participants will always treat each other with respect.


Boxing Team The Legends disclaims any responsibility for the misplaced and / or illegal behavior of his or her entrants. So everyone is responsible for their own actions.


It is compulsory to wear sportswear and sports shoes.


Each participant must bring and use a towel. This from a hygienic point of view and to protect the material.


Beverages may only be taken into the gym in a closed bottle / water bottle.


The start and end times of the training sessions are always respected.

For the group training, the doors will be opened 10 minutes before the start to give the members the opportunity to get ready (tying the wrists, warming up, jumping rope…).

With Personal training, the door is opened at the agreed time.


Material should be cleaned up after use and returned to the designated place.

If incorrect use leads to damage to the materials present, the perpetrator is initially liable. Boxing Team The Legends will then determine whether the liability is converted into an obligation of compensation for the damage.


The responsible person present determines the choice of music and volume.


Money, jewelry and other items of value may be kept in the designated lockers at your own risk (only during the duration of the training). Boxing-Team The Legends is not liable for loss or damage to members' property.


The instructions of the coach must be followed strictly.

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